Pharmacy 3.0 is a sustainable and sensorial concept that focuses on customer
to promote permanence, to motivate purchase and to increase interaction and relation occasions.


Pharmacy 3.0 is a concept established on marketing evolution applied to retail. Starting from a concept focused on product [marketing 1.0] to one centred on customer [marketing 2.0], marketing attached to retail is not only reached to an humanistic interpretation where customer trasform itself in a human being provided with mind, hearth and spirit [marketing 3.0],  but it’s achieved to the most precious resource in a world increasingly transparent and across-the-board: authenticity [marketing 4.0].

Pharmacy 3.0 is a format built around customer journey to establish important relationship with customer, to give back value and quality to the time passed inside the pharmacy and to increase the fidelity and the will to recommend it to other people. More pleasant is the permanence, more authentic is th relationship with the staff, more unaspected is the interation with product, therefore higher will be the inclination to purchase and bigger will be customer’s loyalty.

Pharmacy 3.0 is a project:


[] to offer advanced and widespread experiences, that go beyond the traditional shopping experience, through customer’s engagement and value and passion sharing. A place in a permanent evolution, where to be able to attend to a performance, to take part to a workshop, to intervene to a demonstration or to entertain itself in the beauty corner or in the nutritional bar.

[] to feel welcomed in a relaxing and calm athmosphere and to feel pampered as at home. A place where sense of belonging is very strong and the relation is significant because are shared important values as passion, authenticity and hospitality. The ambient attract customer, hold him and entertain him.

[] is a place intrinsically linked to zero impact world’s vision, where smart sustainability invest all involved resources: from store athmosphere to store outfitting and visual, from employed materials to energy saving of the technologies used.A place able to connect ethics and aesthetics to allow the customer to improve its time’s quality and to increase its purchases!


Pharmacy 3.0 is an  concept.
Pharmacy 3.0 is a registered brand.